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    Your base has apparently been deleted because you have not paid your base protection, it has to be paid every 3 weeks to our airfield center.

    PS: Please open a ticket next time.

    If I buy new Territory again, my vehicles Will back to Virtual Garage? or I lost them forever?


    Does the server change the restart times from 4 hours to more like every 12 hours?

    Yesterday I died 10 times in the last 30 mins of the server's restart time and I very scared to lost my vehicles in mission. I must save them to prevent remove by restart's event:(

    I know restart at each time of day will have stress to keep safe vehicles.


    I played this server for a long time and I had a territory with some vehicles, it was about 2 months ago, and I lost them.

    Also, I had 3 vehicles in my territory yesterday and didn't garage them, at least please give back their money ; (

    I didn't know the website address and your new rules!

    Thank you.